collaborative mapping platform

mapasColetivos (collectiveMaps) is a project about urban quality of life in São Paulo city which combines digital mapping, data sharing and storytelling.
It’s an open and collaborative mapping network. Anyone can create their own maps and invite others to collaborate, contributing to a broader representation of the city. All reports created in the collective maps generate data layers dynamically updated on the homepage and also shape each user’s personal geography, traces of individual performance in the collective maps.
mapasColetivos is an interface between people and city. Interacting in the virtual space of maps, users enrich the perception of the physical environment and guide their actions in the urban space.

In collaboration with journalist Gustavo Faleiros, partnership with O Eco and Rede Nossa SP.


Mapas Coletivos is a collaborative mapping platform. It allows users to draw points, polygons and areas, and associate media content to them. Visit the website:

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