temporary status quo

Polystyrene found packages, sand, water
Display: Mixed media installation; Installation dimensions: variable
Installation sites: Giardini Zumaglini and Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella

Temporary Status Quo is a workshop based on a play strategy using discarded polystyrene packages and natural materials. The workshop has two outcomes, to stimulate the imagination using ready made objects and to make an educational point about the origin, process of production, use, degradation process and effect of polystyrene on the environment.
By modifying the use of disposable packages into molds, from which different temporary abstract forms can be cast, the goal of the workshop is to question the consumerist culture by raising the subject of production and waste. There, to suggest a deeper attitude to the temporary and constant values, namely how the temporary use of products can influence the human life in long terms.

In collaboration with Bora Petkova.

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