Site Specific Sound Installation
8 speakers, sound card, 02 amplifiers, computer, software multi-track (Protools), cables
Duration 30′, loop

Invisible is an 8 channel sound installation created specifically for the central courtyard of Parco d’Arte Vivente (PAV), a contemporary art center located in a formerly industrial area of Turin. In this octogonal space, the public is immersed into soundscapes where past and present, reality and fiction, public and private intertwine.

In collaboration with Arnaud Hollard.

audio sample – train [mono]

audio sample – cards [mono]

“A threshold area between inside and outside: to enter the courtyard guided along the pathway of Invisible is to penetrate into a dimension of space that is densely populated and apparently disturbed by sounds, but that – through the specificity of its microsounds – takes us into the profound identity of a real landscape. An authentic exercise in the practise of memory, Invisible invites us to listen to what is normally hidden in the relationship between phenomenon and perception, that moment in time when the understanding of words and sounds ceases,
and every language starts to “make a noise” or becomes music.”
Claudio Cravero
curator PAV Parco d’Arte Vivente
+ critical essay

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