matching horizons


Installation, photographic series

Series of photographs, found object (wood framed postcard 11, 5 x 16, 5 cm)

Installation sites: Giardini Zumaglini and Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella – Italy

Installation dimensions: variable

Matching Horizons is a site specific work realized in a garbage collecting company’s area. The installation

presents series of photographs and a found object.

The discovery of a wood framed postcard in the deposit halls of the company triggers ambiguous and surreal

sensations. The image on the postcard depicts a green field and a group of trees in the center.

The following photograph series of the found situations and object enacts the attempts to match the horizon line

from the picture with different in and outdoor spaces and horizon lines.

The ambivalent meaning of the title speaks not only about the visual continuity of the horizon line connecting the

two landscapes, but also about the possible perspectives for future environment.

In collaboration with Bora Petkova.

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