Hiroimono Gaseki Do

Audiovisual Interactive Installation
Video, audio, projector, speakers, custom software (Virtools), infrared light, web camera
Exhibited on Universitat Pompeu Fabra – Barcelona, Spain
Variable duration and dimensions

Hiroimono Gaseki Do is an interactive experience that gives the user the possibility of constructing three-dimensional sculptures from video frames.

It translates the temporal dimension of a video in one spatial dimension, giving each frame of video one 3D object.

These objects are positioned in real time by creating tunnels of different shapes that make up the virtual environment. The subject is immersed in virtual time-space sculptures and the navigation depends on his position on the screen. Alternative sequences create contradictory sensory experiences depending on the content of video, sound, light and speed of travel.

In collaboration with Rodrigo Carvalho and Caterina Antonopoulou.

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